Bellwether Financial Advisors believes in strong client relationships.

We believe in a high service level for our clients. Easy access to the financial advisors in our firm and regular meetings with our clients are hallmarks of our practice.

We do not have quotas to sell anything – not securities, not insurance, not financial plans. We feel that pressure to sell something to a client can lead to recommendations that are not ideal for the client.

We are not owned by nor affiliated with any bank, insurance company, or brokerage house. This allows us maximum freedom to use financial tools and products from a variety of providers to fit your needs, without constraints from a company focused on proprietary offerings.

We believe that our clients deserve to be well-informed, and to be comfortable in their understanding of all financial aspects of their lives. We emphasize a collaborative approach between client and advisor in working with your situation. We are happy to provide as much education as you desire about the ways various factors may affect that, such as financial markets, taxes, government, and global interactions.