Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Advice

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy, or only for those concerned about estate taxes. We help our clients work through decisions on how they want their estates to be handled and how they personally want to be remembered. With a well-crafted estate plan, you can provide a legacy to your heirs of the values you want to convey to them, and also do the wealth management that may be needed.

Some of the traditional methods of estate planning include wills, living trusts and powers of attorney. For most estates under $1 million, these estate planning methods can be quite simple to implement. For estates over $1 million, estate owners frequently face additional planning issues.

We collaborate with your other professionals or our own network of close associates to establish plans that can:

  • Establish control of assets for before and/or after death
  • Minimize feuding among heirs
  • Maintain business continuity
  • Establish charitable bequests
  • Take care of dependent children
  • Minimize emotional and financial toll on heirs
  • Implement insurance to avoid cash flow burdens or to fund a business sale
  • Create end-of-life directives such as living wills and medical powers of attorney