Tax Planning

Tax Planning Advice

Tax planning means many things Рthe key factor is that it affects virtually all Americans in some way. It is common to think of income tax or estate tax for the wealthy when the term tax planning comes up, but it can also mean dealing with sales taxes, excise taxes, property taxes, or other forms that all cost you money. We help you understand the tax effects of financial decisions, and work to minimize the short-term and long-term tax cost to your family’s assets.

Tax strategies might include:

  • Stretch IRA tax benefits over multiple generations
  • Utilize advantages in the tax code for self-employment or small business income
  • Maximize education expense deductions
  • Convert an IRA to a Roth IRA
  • Lease or purchase a business asset
  • Maximize charitable deductions
  • Reduce inheritance taxes
  • Estate tax planning
  • Structure the sale or bequest of a business