Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Services

Planning for retirement can be broken into stages. As you progress through career and life, different retirement strategies become more or less important – both because your values may change and because your time remaining before retirement affects the appropriate decisions. With each stage, we help you adapt and implement the best ways for your family and career situation.

Key inputs at each point are your retirement lifestyle dreams: Do you want to relax on a foreign beach? Start a small business? Go back to school to study a new subject, or perhaps complete a degree you never got around to? A second career for as long as you can? A 35-year retirement?

After establishing the targets, we look at where you are today, and lay out what it takes to get to your goal.

Planning for retirement seems very remote if you are in your 20’s or 30’s. But the most important factor in how much you have at retirement is almost always the age at which you start saving, even a small amount. By getting started on a path toward sufficient retirement savings for when that big day comes, you can take advantage of compounding your investment and tax benefits over a very long period.

At each stage, there is always a tradeoff between what is needed in the short-term (such as general living expenses and payments on college loans), medium-term (larger needs or wants like a car, house or big trip), and the long-term of your retirement and your children’s college expenses. We help you establish priorities and allocations for each, so that you can maintain a good lifestyle while also making progress toward the longer-term goals.

Avenues for retirement and medium-long term savings might include:

  • 401(k) and 403(b) salary deferral retirement plans
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs
  • Non-qualified (not tax-advantaged) investment and savings accounts
  • Annuities and insurance products

We help you to set up the accounts that fit your personal or family situation, and to do the investment selection and review to keep them growing toward your targets.